Watch an excerpt of Pastor Joseph Prince sharing on the theme of the year for 2015, and get ready for a year of God’s restoration!

Latest Announcements

Hi Church! We’ve got a number of updates for you this week. Please note the following:

1) Our Midweek Service this Wednesday, March 4, has been cancelled due to the high possibility of freezing rain and snow. Do drive carefully and be safe.

2) Our Youth Ministry Service will resume this Sunday, March 8.

3) Daylight Saving Time also begins this Sunday, March 8, at 2am. Remember to set your clocks forward by an hour.

4) And, you can now sow your Miracle Seed online here.


At Grace Revolution Church, we want to share the gospel of grace with you and the community. We believe that when Jesus and His finished work at Calvary is unveiled, your life and the lives of your loved ones will be impacted and will grow from glory to glory!

Our weekly services are led by an overseer from Joseph Prince Ministries and are all about Jesus. You can look forward to a video service by Pastor Joseph Prince, and an intimate time of fellowship with a community of like-minded believers.

No matter where you are in life and what stage you are in in your Christian walk, there is something for everyone at Grace Revolution Church. We believe that when believers gather to lift up the name of Jesus, amazing things happen—healing, restoration, lifetime kingdom friendships and much more!

Together, let us embark on a journey to always behold the beauty, majesty and glory of our Savior Jesus Christ. Come join us today!

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